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رمز بازی Company of Heroes

رمز بازی Company of Heroes:

SaveGame (2)
Various cheats
     While playing, press [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[~] or [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[@] (on
some  keyboards)  to  bring  up  the  console,  then  type  any of the
following  cheat  codes.  Press  [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[~]  again to exit the

Cheat code:	             Effect:
FOW_Toggle	             Toggle Fog of War ON/OFF
ee_bigheadmode(1)	     Big Head Mode ON
ee_bigheadmode(0)	     Big Head Mode OFF
taskbar_hide	             Hide Taskbar
taskbar_show	             Show Taskbar
statgraph()	             Enable Statgraph
statgraph_channel("fps")     Show FPS (statgraph must be enabled)
setsimrate(#)	             Set Game Speed (#=speed, 10=normal)
FOW_RevealAll                Remove Fog *

     *  requires  the  command-line  parameter  "-Dev"  added  to  the
shortcut for the game

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